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Large Sports Jersey Frame

Large Sports Jersey Frame
Large Frame for your prized jersey. Provides the best protection possible viturally anywhere in the house. Made of Crystal Clear Plastics with no PVC or Acids. Our Jersey Holders are constructed with an aluminum frame and black finish; a clear plexiglass front and a reversible backing which is white on one side and brown on the other. There is an insert that fits over the jersey and easily loads from the bottom. ProductZoo now offers professional engraved plaques on any of our listed display cases for personal customization. Please call us for details! Large Jersey Holder: football/hockey jerseys Interior Dimensions: 34" x 36" (86.36cm x 91.44cm)

1c) Sports Memorabilia Display Cases --> Sports Display Cases, BallQube Cases, Doll Cases : 5) Jerseys

Large Sports Jersey Frame
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