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2003 Quarter Bear Set (5 Bears)

2003 Quarter Bear Set (5 Bears)
The 2003 set include: Illinois, Alabama, Main, Missouri and Arkansas. Each bear is beautifully embroidered with the State's name, year of entry into the union, and the number of the release on its left chest. On the right chest is a clear vinyl pocket to hold the matching State's coin. On the back is a two-inch by one and a half inch embroidered state flag. The Bear's right ear is embroidered with the coin's mint year. The bottom of the right foot is embroidered with the U.S. flag and the left foot is embroidered with the Timeless Toys™ soldier trademark. The quality and detail of the embriodery and the Bears is exceptional. EACH BEAR COMES WITH THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: - Clear vinyl pocket on right chest to hold coin. - State name, Statehood year & number embroidered on left chest. - Mint year embroidered on top of right ear. - State flag embroidered on the back. - United States flag embroidered on the bottom of right foot

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