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Golden Dollar Bears 2000

Golden Dollar Bears 2000
EACH BEAR COMES WITH THE FOLLOWING FEATURES: · 11 inches from tip of ear to base of foot. · Made with a beautiful, rich Tie Dye, high quality, brown material. · Commemorates the role of Sacagawea in the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition from 1804 to 1806. · The Year of issue 2000 appears on the bear's right ear. · The dates of the expedition and the American Flag are embroidered on the back of the bear. The words Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea and a golden eagle are embroidered on the front of the bear. · The likeness of Sacagawea appears on the Golden Dollar replica which is placed in the unique, Timeless Toys™, Inc., clear vinyl chest pouch. The actual Golden Dollar coin fits perfectly in the pouch. · Timeless Toys™ soldier trademark embroidered on the bottom of left foot.

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Golden Dollar Bears 2000
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