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5 Compartment 1-18th Scale

5 Compartment 1-18th Scale
Compartments Measure: 13-5/8 "W x 4-3/4"H x 5-7/8"D Case Measures: 14"W x 24"H x 6-1/8"D ProductZoo now offers professional engraved plaques on any of our listed display cases for personal customization to add the final touch. Please call us for details!

8)Multi-Compartment Display Cases, Acrylic Display Cases : Multi-Compartment Car Cases

108 Car Case Holds 108 1/64 Scale Cars
12 Compartment 1-24th
12 Compartment. To Hold 1/18 Scale Cars & Trucks
20 Compartment 20 1-24th Sprint Cars
20 Compartment. 1-18th Scale Sprint Car Case
21 Compartment 1-24th Long
21 Compartment 1-24th Scale
30 Car Multi-Compartment Car case 1-64th
48 Compartment 1-64th Sprint Cars
5 Compartment 1-18th Scale
56 Car multi-compartment display case. 1-64th
6 Compartment. To Hold 1/18 Scale Cars & Trucks
7 Vertical Compartments For 1-24th Scale
72 Car display case holds 71 1/64th scale cars
84 Car display case for 1/64th cars

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